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The Women Empowerment Certified Coach train the trainer program is designed to Awaken your client’s Emotional and Financial independence. It is designed for coaches and advisors helping women starting a new chapter in their life. Be it pivoting as they emerge from the current pandemic, starting fresh after a separation or divorce or having to look for new careers, sources of income or starting their own businesses.

It is perfect for those transitioning from passive to active creators of the success in their lives. As women reach several milestones in their lives, they may find themselves at a crossroad, facing life altering decisions or simply finding the need to re-calibrate their values and priorities. It is quite often women by putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own, forget their own dreams, goals and most import who they can be.

You will get insights, skills, strategies and a lot of discussion time to share your own experiences and ask questions relevant to your practice. You will walk away with your own blueprint for success with a clear plan. Once the certification is finished, you can continue to work with your clients on the 15 areas we covered in the session.

The result is a life with intention for you and your clients. A life on purpose addressing all the areas in your life and knowing with clarity what happiness and success means to you and how to enjoy the journey.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for professional coaches and or practitioners who want to master championing women’s goals by understanding the motivational and aspirational process that women prefer.  This course is beneficial for men and women who are interested in deepening the relationship with their new or existing female clients. 

Pre-requisite:  2-3 Years Experience and/or Existing Coaching Certification

Cost: $2700 USD / 12 payments of $250/mo

Duration: 6 Months Training + 6 Months business development support = 1 Year

Learning: live + self directed

next start date: fall 2022

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